Information about the people working on and using Perl 6


"Perl 5 was my rewrite of Perl. I want Perl 6 to be the community's rewrite of Perl and of the community." - Larry Wall

The Perl 6 community

There is a large presence on the #perl6 channel on, who are happy to provide support and answer questions. More resources can be found in the community page. Camelia, the multi-color butterfly with P 6 in her wings, is the symbol of this diverse and welcoming community. We use extensively the #perl6 IRC channel for communication, questions and simply hanging out. Check out this IRC lingo resource for the abbreviations frequently used there. StackOverflow is also a great resource for asking questions and helping others with their Perl 6 problems and challenges.

Perl 6 Weekly

Elizabeth Mattijsen usually posts in the "Perl 6 Weekly" blog, a summary of Perl 6 posts, tweets, comments and other interesting tidbits. Best single resource to know what is going on in the Perl community now.

Perl 6 Advent calendar

The Perl 6 community publishes every December an Advent Calendar, with Perl 6 tutorials every day until Christmas. Organization and assignment of days is done through the different Perl 6 channels and the Perl6/advent repository. If you want to participate, it starts organization by the end of October, so check out the channels above for that.