routine shell

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class routines

From routines

(routines) sub shell

sub shell($cmd --> Proc)

Runs a command through the system shell, which defaults to %*ENV<ComSpec> /c in Windows, /bin/sh -c otherwise. All shell meta characters are interpreted by the shell, including pipes, redirects, environment variable substitutions and so on. Shell escapes are a severe security concern and can cause confusion with unusual file names. Use run if you want to be safe.

The return value is of type Proc.

shell 'ls -lR | gzip -9 > ls-lR.gz';

See Proc for more details, for example on how to capture output.

class Proc

From Proc

(Proc) method shell

method shell($cmd:$cwd = $*CWD:$env --> Bool:D)

Runs the Proc object with the given command and environment which are passed through to the shell for parsing and execution. See IO::shell for an explanation of which shells are used by default in the most common operating systems.