role compiler

Information related to the compiler that is being used

class Compiler does Systemic {}

Built-in class for providing compiler related information. Usually accessed through the compiler attribute of the the $*PERL dynamic variable.


method build-date

method build-date()

Returns the date when it was built.

say $* «2018-05-05T21:49:43Z␤» 

method verbose-config

method verbose-config(:$say)

If $say is True, prints the different items included in the configuration of the compiler; if it is not, returns a Hash with the same information.

say $*PERL.compiler.verbose-config# OUTPUT: «distro::auth=␤distro::desc=2018-05-06T09:19:17.571307+02:00␤» ... And the rest of the configuration 

See Also: Systemic