Reading the docs

p6doc - the Perl 6 pod reader


Program p6doc is a command-line-interface (CLI) program that reads Perl 6 pod from installed modules' source code, in contrast to running perl6 --doc=MODULE programfile which reads Perl 6 pod from the named source file.

Note that p6doc may not be installed automatically depending upon how you installed Rakudo Perl 6. To install it use zef:

 zef install p6doc


 p6doc [switches] [arguments]


With no switches or arguments, p6doc lists its help to $*OUT (stdout):

You want to maintain the index?
To build an index for 'p6doc -f'
          p6doc build
To list the index keys
          p6doc list
To display module name(scontaining key
          p6doc lookup
To show where the index file lives
          p6doc path-to-index
What documentation do you want to read?
Examples: p6doc Str
          p6doc Str.split
          p6doc faq
          p6doc path/to/file
You can list some top level documents:
          p6doc -l
You can also look up specific method/routine/sub definitions:
          p6doc -f hyper
          p6doc -f Array.push
You can bypass the pager and print straight to stdout:
          p6doc -n Str

The text output can be captured and converted to other forms if desired.


Currently p6doc can only extract embedded Perl 6 pod from installed module source files (as listed in a distribution's META6.json file). It is planned to add a feature for p6doc (in conjunction with META6.json changes) to extract all Perl 6 pod in files included with the installed distribution.