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language documentation Sets, Bags, and Mixes

From Sets, Bags, and Mixes

(Sets, Bags, and Mixes) infix (<+)

multi sub infix:<<(<+)>>(Any $aAny $b --> Bool)
multi sub infix:<<(<+)>>(Baggy $aBaggy $b --> Bool)

Baggy subset of operator.

Returns True if $a is a Baggy subset of $b, i.e., if all the elements of $a are in $b and each element of $b is weighed at least as heavily as the element is in $a.

infix ≼

only sub infix:<>($a$b --> Bool)

Baggy subset of operator (alternate).

Equivalent to (<+), at codepoint U+227C (PRECEDES OR EQUAL TO).