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language documentation Sets, Bags, and Mixes

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(Sets, Bags, and Mixes) infix (>)

multi sub infix:<<(>)>>(Any $aAny $b --> Bool)
multi sub infix:<<(>)>>(Setty $aSetty $b --> Bool)

Superset of operator.

Like (<) with reversed arguments. Returns True if $a is a strict superset of $b.

say (1234).Set (>) (321).Set;  # OUTPUT: «True␤» 
say (13).Set (>) (321).Set;        # OUTPUT: «False␤» 
say ∅ (>) (321).Set;                 # OUTPUT: «False␤» 

infix ⊃

only sub infix:<>($a$b --> Bool)

Superset of operator (alternate).

Equivalent to (>), at codepoint U+2283 (SUPERSET OF).

infix ⊅

only sub infix:<>($a$b --> Bool)

Not a superset of operator.

Equivalent to !(>), at codepoint U+2285 (NOT A SUPERSET OF).

say (1234).Set !(>) (321).Set# OUTPUT: «False␤» 
say (13).Set  (321).Set;          # OUTPUT: «True␤»