infix (|)

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language documentation Sets, bags, and mixes

From Sets, bags, and mixes

(Sets, bags, and mixes) infix (|)

multi sub infix:<(|)>(**@p)

Union operator. It is of precedence "Junctive Or".

Returns the union of all its arguments. Generally, this creates a new Set that contains all the elements its arguments contain.

<a a b c d> (|) <h g f e d c> (|) <i j> === set <a b c d e f g h i j>

If any of its arguments are Baggy, it creates a new Bag that contains all the elements of the arguments, each weighed by the highest weight that appeared for that element.

bag(<a a b c a>(|) bag(<a a b c c>=== bag(<a a a b c c>)