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class Hash

From Hash

(Hash) method keyof

Defined as:

method keyof()

Returns the type constraint for the keys of the invocant. For normal hashes the method returns the coercion type (Str(Any)) while for non-string keys hashes the type used in the declaration of the Hash is returned.

my %h1 = 'apples' => 3'oranges' => 7;  # (no key type specified) 
say %h1.keyof;                           # OUTPUT: «(Str(Any))␤» 
my %h2{Str} = 'oranges' => 7;            # (keys must be of type Str) 
say %h2.keyof;                           # (Str) 
%h2{3} = 'apples';                       # throws exception 
CATCH { default { put .^name''.Str } };
# OUTPUT: «X::TypeCheck::Binding: Type check failed in binding to key; expected Str but got Int (3)␤» 
my %h3{Int};                             # (this time, keys must be of type Int) 
%h3{42} = 4096;
say %h3.keyof;                           # (Int)