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From Operators

(Operators) infix min

Returns the smallest of the arguments, as determined by cmp semantics.

my $foo = 42;
$foo min= 0   # read as: $foo decreases to 0 

class Any

From Any

(Any) method min

Defined As:

multi method min(--> Any:D)
multi method min(&custom-routine-to-use --> Any:D)

Coerces to Iterable and returns the numerically smallest element. If a Callable positional argument is provided it is called with each element and its smallest return values is returned.

class Range

From Range

(Range) method min

method min(Range:D:)

Returns the start point of the range.

say (1..5).min;                                   # OUTPUT: «1␤» 
say (1^..^5).min;                                 # OUTPUT: «1␤» 

class Supply

From Supply

(Supply) method min

method min(Supply:D: &custom-routine-to-use = &infix:<cmp> --> Supply:D)

Creates a supply that only emits values from the given supply if they are smaller than any value seen before. In other words, from a continuously descending supply it will emit all the values. From a continuously ascending supply it will only emit the first value. The optional parameter specifies the comparator, just as with Any.min.