Documentation for routine parts

Documentation for routine parts, assembled from the following types:

class IO::Path

From IO::Path

(IO::Path) method parts

method parts(IO::Path:D: --> Hash)

Returns a hash with the keys dirname, path and volume, and as values the return values of the methods with the same names.

# OUTPUT: «{:basename("passwd"), :directory("/etc"), :dirname("/etc"), :volume("")}␤» 

class Version

From Version

(Version) method parts

method parts(Version:D: --> List:D)

Returns the list of parts that make up this Version object

my $v1 = v1.0.1;
my $v2 = v1.0.1+;
say $;                                    # OUTPUT: «(1 0 1)␤» 
say $;                                    # OUTPUT: «(1 0 1)␤»