routine rand

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language documentation Terms

From Terms

(Terms) term rand

Returns a pseudo-random Num in the range 0..^1.

class Cool

From Cool

(Cool) method rand

Defined as:

method rand()

Coerces the invocant to Num and returns a pseudo-random value between zero and the number.

say 1e5.rand;           # OUTPUT: «33128.495184283␤» 

role Real

From Real

(Real) routine rand

sub term:<rand> (--> Num:D)
method rand(Real:D: --> Real:D)

Returns a pseudo-random number between zero (inclusive) and the number (non-inclusive.)

The term form returns a pseudo-random Num between 0e0 (inclusive) and 1e0 (non-inclusive.)

class Num

From Num

(Num) method rand

method rand(Num:D: --> Num)

Returns a pseudo random number between 0 and the invocant.