Documentation for routine s

Documentation for routine s, assembled from the following types:

class IO::Handle

From IO::Handle

(IO::Handle) method s

method s(--> Bool)

Returns Bool::True if the invocant is a path and the size is bigger then 0.

class IO::Path

From IO::Path

(IO::Path) method s

method s(--> Int)

If the path is valid and points to a regular file the size of that file in bytes is returned. If the path is valid but pointing to something which is not a file, e.g. a directory, a X::IO::NotAFile exception is thrown. An exception is also thrown if the path is invalid, in that case the exception type is X::IO::DoesNotExist.

role IO::Special

From IO::Special

(IO::Special) method s

method s(IO::Special:D: --> Int)

The 'size' file test operator, always returns 0.