method target

Documentation for method target assembled from the following types:

class Cursor

From Cursor

(Cursor) method target

method target(Cursor:D: --> Str:D)

Returns a string representation of the object against which the regex matches. This is the value that the regex engine works with internally.

class X::IO::Link

From X::IO::Link

(X::IO::Link) method target

Returns the name of the link target, i.e. the existing file.

class X::IO::Symlink

From X::IO::Symlink

(X::IO::Symlink) method target

Returns the path that symlink failed to create a link to.

class X::Mixin::NotComposable

From X::Mixin::NotComposable

(X::Mixin::NotComposable) method target

method target()

Returns the target of the failed mixin operation.

class X::Numeric::Real

From X::Numeric::Real

(X::Numeric::Real) method target

method target()

Returns the type to which the coercion was attempted.

class X::Temporal::InvalidFormat

From X::Temporal::InvalidFormat

(X::Temporal::InvalidFormat) method target

Returns the target type (Date in the example above)