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(Inter-Process Communication) proc::async object async

When you need more control over the communication with and from another process, you will want to make use of Proc::Async. This class provides support for asynchronous communication with a program, as well as the ability to send signals to that program.

# Get ready to run the program 
my $log ='tail''-f',  '/var/log/system.log');
$log.stdout.tap(-> $buf { print $buf });
$log.stderr.tap(-> $buf { $*ERR.print($buf});
# Start the program 
my $done = $log.start;
sleep 10;
# Tell the program to stop 
# Wait for the program to finish 
await $done;

Here is a small program that uses the "tail" program to print out the contents of the log named system.log for 10 seconds and then tells the program to stop with a QUIT signal.

Whereas Proc provides access to output using IO::Handles, Proc::Async provides access using asynchronous supplies (see Supply).

If you want to run a program and do some work while you wait for the original program to finish, the start routine returns a Promise, which is kept when the program quits.

Use the write method to pass data into the program.