Special modules for special use

In Perl 6, pragmas are core modules used to either identify a specific version of Perl 6 to be used or to modify its normal behavior in some way. They are "use"ed in your code just as normal modules:

use v6.c;

Following is a list of pragmas with a short description of each pragma's purpose or a link to more details about its use. (Note: Pragmas marked "[NYI]" are not yet implemented, and those marked "[TBD]" are to be defined later.)

This pragma is not currently part of any Perl 6 specification, but is present in Rakudo as a synonym to use nqp (see below).

Use at your own risk.

This is a Rakudo-specific pragma. With it, Rakudo provides access to the nqp opcodes in a top level namespace:

use nqp;
nqp::say("hello world");

This uses the underlying nqp say opcode instead of the Perl 6 routine. This pragma may make your code rely on a particular version of nqp, and since that code is not part of the Perl 6 specification, it's not guaranteed to be stable. You may find a large number of usages in the Rakudo core, which are used to make the core functionality as fast as possible. Future optimizations in the code generation of Rakudo may obsolete these usages.