method WHICH

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class Mu

From Mu

(Mu) method WHICH

multi method WHICH(--> ObjAt:D)

Returns an object of type ObjAt which uniquely identifies the object. Value types override this method which makes sure that two equivalent objects return the same return value from WHICH.

say 42.WHICH eq 42.WHICH;       # OUTPUT: «True␤» 

class IO::Special

From IO::Special

(IO::Special) method WHICH

method WHICH(IO::Special:D: --> Str)

This returns a string that identifies the object. The string is composed by the type of the instance (IO::Special) and the what attribute:

$*IN.path.what;  # OUTPUT: «<STDIN>␤» 
$*IN.path.WHICH# OUTPUT: «IO::Special<STDIN>␤»