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Documentation for sub parse-base, assembled from the following types:

class Str

From Str

(Str) routine parse-base

multi sub    parse-base(Str:D $numInt:D $radix --> Numeric)
multi method parse-base(Str:D $num: Int:D $radix --> Numeric)

Performs the reverse of base by converting a string with a base-$radix number to its base-10 Numeric equivalent. Will fail if radix is not in range 2..36 or of the string being parsed contains characters that are not valid for the specified base.

1337.base(32).parse-base(32).say# OUTPUT: «1337␤» 
'Perl6'.parse-base(30).say;       # OUTPUT: «20652936␤» 
'FF.DD'.parse-base(16).say;       # OUTPUT: «255.863281␤» 

See also: :16<FF> syntax for number literals