method print-nl

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class IO::Handle

From IO::Handle

(IO::Handle) method print-nl

Defined as:

method print-nl(IO::Handle:D: --> True)

Writes the value of $.nl-out attribute into the handle.

Attempting to call this method when the handle is in binary mode will result in X::IO::BinaryMode exception being thrown.

my $fh = 'path/to/file' :w:nl-out("\r\n");
$fh.print: "some text";
$fh.print-nl# prints \r\n 

class IO::CatHandle

From IO::CatHandle

(IO::CatHandle) method print-nl

Defined as:

multi method print-nl(|)

In Rakudo, the IO::CatHandle type overrides this method to throw X::NYI exception. If you have a good idea for how this method should behave, tell Rakudo developers about it!