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From Operators

(Operators) prefix so

multi sub prefix:<so>(Mu $x --> Bool:D)

Evaluates its argument in boolean context (and thus collapses Junctions), and returns the result.

class Mu

From Mu

(Mu) method so

method so()

Returns a Bool value representing the logical non-negation of an expression. One can use this method similarly to the English sentence: "If that is so, then do this thing". For instance,

my @args = <-a -e -b -v>;
my $verbose-selected = any(@argseq '-v' | '-V';
if $ {
    say "Verbose option detected in arguments";
} # OUTPUT: «Verbose option detected in arguments␤» 

enum Bool

From Bool

(Bool) prefix so

multi sub prefix:<so>(Mu --> Bool:D)

Coerces its argument to Bool, has looser precedence than prefix:<?> .