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(if) control flow with orwith without

The with statement is like if but tests for definedness rather than truth. In addition, it topicalizes on the condition, much like given:

with "abc".index("a"{ .say }      # prints 0 

Instead of elsif, orwith may be used to chain definedness tests:

# The below code says "Found a at 0" 
my $s = "abc";
with   $s.index("a"{ say "Found a at $_" }
orwith $s.index("b"{ say "Found b at $_" }
orwith $s.index("c"{ say "Found c at $_" }
else                 { say "Didn't find a, b or c" }

You may intermix if-based and with-based clauses.

# This says "Yes" 
if 0 { say "No" } orwith Nil { say "No" } orwith 0 { say "Yes" };

As with unless, you may use without to check for undefinedness, but you may not add an else clause:

my $answer = Any;
without $answer { warn "Got: {$_.perl}" }

There are also with and without statement modifiers:

my $answer = (AnyTrue).roll;
say 42 with $answer;
warn "undefined answer" without $answer;