role Positional

Object that supports looking up values by index

role Positional { ... }

Role for objects which support indexing them using postcircumfix:«[ ]» (usually list-like objects). Example types with Positional role include List, Array, Range, and Buf.


method of

method of()

Returns the type constraint for elements of the positional container. Defaults to Mu.

Type Graph

Type relations for Positional
perl6-type-graph Positional Positional Mu Mu Any Any Any->Mu Cool Cool Cool->Any Iterable Iterable List List List->Positional List->Cool List->Iterable Range Range Range->Positional Range->Cool Range->Iterable Stringy Stringy Blob Blob Blob->Positional Blob->Stringy Uni Uni Uni->Positional Uni->Any Uni->Stringy Array Array Array->List Slip Slip Slip->List NFC NFC NFC->Uni NFD NFD NFD->Uni NFKC NFKC NFKC->Uni NFKD NFKD NFKD->Uni Buf Buf Buf->Blob

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