role QuantHash

Collection of objects represented as hash keys

role QuantHash does Associative { }

A QuantHash represents a set of objects, represented as the keys of a Hash. When asked to behave as a list it ignores its .values and returns only .keys (possibly replicated by weight in the case of bag types). For any QuantHash, the .total methods returns the current sum of the values.

All standard QuantHash containers have a default value that is false (such as 0 or '' or Nil or Bool::False), and keep around only those entries with non-default values, automatically deleting any entry if its value goes to that (false) default value.

Type Graph

Type relations for QuantHash
perl6-type-graph QuantHash QuantHash Associative Associative QuantHash->Associative Setty Setty Setty->QuantHash Baggy Baggy Baggy->QuantHash Mu Mu Any Any Any->Mu SetHash SetHash SetHash->Setty SetHash->Any Set Set Set->Setty Set->Any BagHash BagHash BagHash->Baggy BagHash->Any Mixy Mixy Mixy->Baggy Bag Bag Bag->Baggy Bag->Any MixHash MixHash MixHash->Any MixHash->Mixy Mix Mix Mix->Any Mix->Mixy

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