Documentation for method list

Documentation for method list, assembled from the following types:

class Any

From Any

(Any) method list

Defined as:

method list(--> List:D)

Interprets the invocant as a list, and returns that List.

say 42.list.^name;           # OUTPUT: «List␤» 
say 42.list.elems;           # OUTPUT: «1␤» 

class Capture

From Capture

(Capture) method list

Defined as:

method list(Capture:D: --> Positional)

Returns the positional part of the Capture.

my Capture $c = \(235apples => (red => 2));
say $c.list;                                      # OUTPUT: «(2 3 5)␤» 

class Channel

From Channel

(Channel) method list

Defined as:

method list(Channel:D: --> List:D)

Returns a Seq which will iterate items in the queue and removes each item from the queue as it iterates. This can only terminate once the close method has been called.

my $c =$c.send(1); $c.send(2);
say $c.list# OUTPUT: «(1 2)␤» 

class Match

From Match

(Match) method list

Returns a list of positional submatches.

role PositionalBindFailover

From PositionalBindFailover

(PositionalBindFailover) method list

method list(PositionalBindFailover:D: --> List:D)

Returns a List based on the iterator method without caching it.

class Range

From Range

(Range) method list

method list(Range:D: --> List:D)

Generates the list of elements that the range represents.

say (1..5).list;                                  # OUTPUT: «(1 2 3 4 5)␤» 
say (1^..^5).list;                                # OUTPUT: «(2 3 4)␤» 

class Supply

From Supply

(Supply) method list

method list(Supply:D: --> List:D)

Waits until the supply is done, then returns a list of all values emitted since the list call.